Arizona Gold Nugget

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Quartz Gold Specimen

Gold Nuggets for Sale at


Enjoy perusing. I have a lot of nuggets to sell so check back frequently as I am always finding  and adding more. While smaller nuggets can be had at a bit closer to the spot price of gold, the prices on the larger nuggets have little to do with the spot price of gold. They are expensive, yet exquisite, real and with provenance. If you find the prices high, there are a couple of options I recommend. One option is to watch and wait. The prices will be lowered slowly over time so that I can sell the nuggets at what the market will bear. If you are interested in less expensive nuggets, be sure to see our smaller nuggets or check Ebay. There are always a lot of quality nuggets on Ebay for a reasonable price if you know how to look.

9.7 Gram Arizona gold specimen - The perfect nugget for a pendant.

 Jewelry gold nugget  Arizona 9.7 gram gold nugget  rough gold nugget

Exquisite Jewelry Nugget for Sale


5.7 Gram Gold Specimen - Southern Bradshaws                       1.4 Gram Lode Gold Specimen - Prescott, AZ

5.7 gram gold specimen                       Arizona Chrysocolla and Gold Specimen

   Coarse gold specimen nugget                                         Chrysocolla and gold together!

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