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 is pleased to be expanding our placer gold locations pages. Check out our new pages on Arizona, Alaska and Nevada!

Arizona Placer Gold            Alaska Placer Gold        Nevada Placer Gold

Check back frequently as the expansion of these pages will be the main focus for some time to come.

Placer gold can be found in many areas of the state of Arizona. Gold bearing areas exist around Prescott, Yuma, Safford, Tucson, Globe, Casa Grande, Arivaca, Wickenburg, Willcox, Bisbee, Sonoita and outside of Phoenix, just to name a few.

Check out the book Placer Gold Locations of Arizona by Maureen G. Johnson for the blow by blow account listed by county and including production rates of the documented placer areas in the state. Keep in mind, not all placer in the state was documented. The placer locations listed here all have good gold. Most have been hunted heavily but will still give up nuggets or fines to the persistant prospector. Some of these spots will have undiscovered pockets and patches for a person thinking out of the box.

 Keep in mind that nothing posted here is a big secret. If you want to find rich placer you are going to have to expand your horizons beyond these spots. This will pretty much apply to anything you find on the web. Still, this will give you a start and these areas will give you a good working example of what Arizona placer ground can look like.

Keep in mind that many of these areas are heavily claimed. Be Forewarned!Stay off valid, active mining claims and look for open ground. You are responsible for the legality of your actions, not me. If you are concerned about the legality of your actions, call the BLM, Forest Service or local law enforcement agency to be sure of yourself. Of course, you are responsible for your own safety as well. Act responsibly, stay safe and stay off private mining claims. I'll be adding more areas as time goes by so feel free to check back in.

Lynx Creek        Arivaca

Soap Creek