Placer Gold Nuggets

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Large Arizona Gold Nugget

Gold Placers


Placer gold deposits occur throughout the world.

Although the majority of placer gold deposits in the United States are concentrated in the western United States in places like Alaska, Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, glacial placer deposits and even gold placers associated with lode deposits exist in the eastern states and areas of the midwest. Placer gold can be found in Georgia, Ohio, Arkansas, South Carolina, Kentucky and many other states.



Arizona Placer Gold Locations

Placer mining in Arizona has been documented since 1774 and it's 87 placer districts have produced well over a half a million ounces of gold


Alaska Placer Gold Locations

Twenty million ounces of documented placer gold. What more needs to be said? Alaska is a prospectors playground and many opportunities exist and all levels of the game from the hobby prospector to the commercial placer miner.


Nevada Placer Gold Locations

Nevada has a rich history of placer gold production. It's 115 placer districts produced a minimum output of 117,000 ounces of placer gold between the years of 1849 and 1968. 

New Mexico Placer Gold Locations

Spaniards first discovered and worked gold placers in New Mexico in the early 1600's. The state is credited with roughly 662,000 ounces of placer gold production since Mexican placer gold discoveries starting as early as 1828.



Utah Placer Gold Locations

Placer gold was first reported in Utah in 1858. Large amounts of placer gold have been recovered from places like Bingham Canyon and the Abajo mountains.

Montana Placer Gold Locations

Montana is one of the richest placer gold states in the country. Gold rushes in Virginia City and near Helena in the 1850's stand out but placer gold is present in many other districts.


Colorado Placer Gold Locations

Home of the Pikes peak gold rush of 1858, Colorado history is steeped in gold mining. Colorado has produced over 40 million troy ounces of gold from placer deposits and the lode deposits that followed.

Oregon Placer Gold Locations

First discovered in Josephine county in 1851, placer gold can be found in many of Oregon's counties with a primary focus on the southern and north eastert parts of the state.