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Large Arizona Gold Nugget

San Domingo Mining District


Located on the southern flank of the Wickenburg Mountains and north east of the Hassayampa river course is the San Domingo Mining District which has an extremely rich history of dry placer mining which started in the late 1800's. Although it is not known when the placers were discovered, it is known that they were worked between 1870 and 1880 and it is said than individual miners were making between $15 and $100 per day! Placer gold be found in San Domingo wash itself as well it's tributaries and many washes in the general area as well as on hillsides and hilltops between the washes. Indeed, it's probably more difficult to find a wash devoid of color in this district than it is to find at least a little bit of placer gold. Little San Domingo wash and it's tributaries carry placer gold. Many washes are mentioned in the source literature such as Monarch wash, Rogers Wash, American Gulch, Spring Gulch, Sanger Gulch and Old Woman Gulch. Purportedly, Old Woman Gulch was the scene of a very large producer in 1875. Said to be a southern tributary of San Domingo, like many washes in the area, it has been lost to time and nobody knows the exact location although it's almost certain that it's been exploited in modern times by prospectors with metal detectors using preliminary information available in the source material.

Placer mining continued in this district on a small scale through the early 1900's all the way until the early 60's when commercial operations began once more. A dryland dredge owned by United Placers Industries, Inc. dubbed "Geraldine" was used to process gravels in the district and gained much attention from the mining journals of that era. It's not known what the production figures on the operation were as they were kept secret. Varying attempts at heavier commercial activity earlier than the sixties normally met with failure. Still, the San Domingo Mining District holds the distinction of being the richest placer mining district in Maricopa County.

North to northwest of highways 74 and 60, access to this area can be had by following dirt roads and jeep trails leading off the highways. Popular access is obtained off of Castle Hot Springs Road from the 74 in Morristown. Veer left towards Little San Domingo wash.

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(see Wickenburg and Red Picacho 7 1/2 minute quadrangles USGS topos)