Placer Gold Nuggets

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Large Arizona Gold Nugget

Searchlight Gold Placers


Little is known about the placers of the Searchlight mining district and no recorded production exists for the area.

West of the Colorado river, along the eastern flanks of the Newberry mountains, remnants of ancient riverbed gravels formed placers which were exploited in the 1930's. Smalk quartz bearing veins in the Newberry mountains have also been mined for gold and could be an additional source of placer gold in the area.

Situated between the southern end of the Eldorado's and the Newberries are the lode gold mines of the main Searchlight district. Some of the placer gold production attributed to this district may have originated from the tertiary aged igneous rocks whick the ores of this district come from.

Traveling 57 miles southeast on highway 95 to Searchlight, roads leading east and south for around 16 miles will bring one to the north end of the Newberry mountains. Additional dirt roads leading south along the mountain flanks access the placer areas. See Spirit Mountain 15 minute quadrangle USGS topographical map for details.

Picture courtesy of the USGS.

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